Newcastle, Australia.

Precision Engineering Specialists

Newcastle, Australia.

Precision Engineering Specialists

Welcome To Hydramech
Engineering & Hose Pty Ltd.

Hydramech Engineering and Hose Pty Ltd is a young and dynamic precision engineering solution provider built on decades of combined industry experience. 

Based in the busy and growing district of Newcastle, NSW, we pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship, on time delivery and cutting edge technology to clients from a range of different industries.

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Our Services

CNC Machining Newcastle

Precision Machining

Our modern and diverse machining capabilities include 4 axis CNC milling, 3 axis CNC turning, CNC saw cutting and a range of conventional machines. 

Our machine shop has the ability to work with a range of different materials from engineering plastics through to super alloys. We are able to accommodate for quantities from prototypes through to mass production of both simple and complex work pieces.

Engineering Services

We have invested heavily in industry standard 3D CAD software to allow us to further meet our customers needs. 

With this software we are able to prove customers concepts in a virtual world before bringing them to reality. 

Hydraulic Hoses Newcastle

Hoses, Fittings & Pressure Testing

Our team takes advantage of extensive knowledge in hose and valving kits that meet our clients demands utilising various components including stainless tails and fittings.

We offer testing of hose assemblies up to 20,000psi, allowing MDG 41 in house testing and certification capabilities. We also pressure test a wide range of components to meet client demand. All systems are calibrated to ISO Standards.

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